24 x 150 Inkjet Plotter Paper

Inkjet plotter paper 24 x 150 is a coated plotter paper first designed by HP in the 70’s.  24 x 150 Inkjet Plotter Paper signifies that the plotter paper is to be used on an inkjet technology plotter printer (where the application of ink to the paper or media is done by spraying inkjet heads) vs the older ppr good place inkjetpen technology or even older dot matrix plotter technology. The main difference between inkjet plotter paper and regular plotter paper is the inkjet coating.  Inkjet coating gives plotter paper a couple of strengths. ONE, holds ink better than unCoated plotter paper. Inkjet Plotter Paper is coated plotter paper coated with (best described as ink stabilizers) which also, TWO, makes the print a longer lasting.

24 x 150 wide Inkjet Plotter Paper, commonly called 24 inch wide inkjet plotter paper, with its special inkjet coating is best described as giving the regular plotter paper an inkjet coating which allows ink to stay in position as it dries (apposed to feathering as the more course older plotter paper would do).  So a couple of things to remember

  • 24 x 150 Inkjet Plotter Paper will work better in an inkjet plotter printer such as those by HP, Canon and Kodak (they use a 2 inch core)
  • 24 x 150 Inkjet Plotter Paper will not work best in an electrostatic plotter printer (in this case toner works best)

The chemical make up of the coating material is actually something you can find in your back yard – the coating is none other than commonly a 24 x 150 Inkjet Plotter Papersynthetic polymer based clay.  That is right.  In honest, it was our ancestors that discovered this centuries ago – that clay makes an Excellent stabilizer for holding colors on any material to which color is applied.

We welcome any questions you may have on inkjet plotting paper media.  >plotter papers 24″ X 150 ft.

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